Kick-off Decarb

22 November 2021

Aim: To provide the primary standards, test facilities, validated methods and good practice that gas industry need to perform key measurements required to decarbonise the gas grid

Measurement needs addressed by the project:

Flow metering Gas composition Physical properties Leak monitoring
Biomethane Proficiency testing schemes for EN 16723-1
Hydrogen enriched natural gas Ability to measure flow 20% H2 in natural gas Process GC modifications and new online methods to monitoring blending Determining physical properties (e.g. calorific value) from gas composition New portable monitors to distinguish between H2 and natural gas leaks
100% hydrogen grids Ability to measure 100% H2 in new gas grids Purity analysis to meet ISO 14687 Grade A Validation of leak detectors for hydrogen at pipelines
CCUS Ability to measure CO2 in CCS processes Purity analysis of CO2 in CCS processes Determining phase changes (affecting compressibility and flow metering) Monitoring CO2 plumes above CCS underground storage sites

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