WP 5 Impact

Impact – To disseminate and facilitate the take up of the technology and measurement infrastructure developed in the project by the measurement supply chain (accredited laboratories, instrument manufacturers), standards developing organisations.

This project aims to provide high impact by allowing the European gas industry to:

Additionally the project will impact laboratories and commercial suppliers of measurement instruments and devices by providing them with primary standards, methods and good practice to perform the required accurate and traceable measurements for new energy gases. The outcomes of this project are expected to directly support revision or development of many standards, but a priority will be given to those that are directly related to the project objectives. In particular, the project aims to support standardization at CEN and ISO level where guidance is provided for performing these measurements.

The project has a four pillar dissemination & communication strategy:


For more information please contact WP 5 leader: Lennart de Waart, email: lennart.dewaart@nen.nl