WP 3 Physical properties

Physical properties – To develop metrology infrastructure to support measurement of physical properties for hydrogen-enriched natural gas, including development and traceable validation of analytical instruments that perform measurements of calorific values, density and Wobbe index as specified in ISO 6976, ISO 12213 and ISO 20765. Multiphase properties of mixtures composed of high levels of impurities in carbon dioxide will also be validated.

Due to the limited, or lacking, characterisation of gaseous binary mixtures including hydrogen, currently available thermodynamic models for natural gas and biogas are principally built using general empirical mixing rules not necessary based on specific interaction potentials. The availability of experimental measurements of thermodynamic properties and calorific values of binary mixtures allows laboratories to define dedicated mixing rules and to obtain accurate thermophysical properties even when the mixtures contain more than two components.

For more information please contact WP 3 leader: Alberto Giuliano Albo, email: a.albo@inrim.it