WP 2 Gas composition

Gas composition – To develop new primary reference materials and gas analysis methods to support the gas industry in performing gas quality measurements for pure hydrogen gas (ISO 14687 Grade A), biomethane (EN 16723-1) and hydrogen-enriched natural gas (EN 16726) for domestic use (e.g. boilers and cookers), and purity analysis of carbon dioxide for carbon capture and storage processes to meet the recommendations of ISO/TR 27921. Gravimetric uncertainties for amount fraction levels in the primary reference materials will be appropriate for the relevant documentary standard but always lower than 20 % relative. Additionally, to organise a proficiency test and comparison to support the gas industry in developing and validating traceable commercial on-line gas analysis instruments capable of quickly monitoring hydrogen amount fraction in natural gas to accurately control blending within target tolerances.

New purity specifications have been published in gas quality standards for alternative gases to natural gas for the gas grid including hydrogen, biomethane and hydrogen-enriched natural gas, as well as carbon dioxide for CCS. Some gas standards and analytical methods have been developed for selected impurities, but further effort is required before gas industries can verify the quality of their gas as specified in these standards. This project will focus on further developing analytical methods and primary reference materials to meet these specifications.

For more information please contact WP 2 leader: Jannekke van Wijk, email: jvwijk@vsl.nl