There are in total four key measurement challenges that are currently faced by the hydrogen industry which are directly addressed by the technical workpackages of this project.

Workpackage 1 Flow metering

Flow metering – To develop metrology infrastructure to support new flow metering requirements, including
development of new traceable facilities to enable calibration of flow meters for hydrogen and hydrogenenriched
natural gas in the gas grid in accordance with the Directive 2014/32/EU Measuring Instruments (MID)
with maximum permissible errors as low as ± 1 % depending on the type of flow meter, and metering of carbon
dioxide in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) processes in accordance with the Emissions Trading System
(EU ETS) with an accuracy of ± 1.5 – 2.5 %. Read more

For more information please contact WP 1 leader:  Gabriele Chinello Chinello, e-mail:

Workpackage 2 Gas composition

Gas composition – To develop new primary reference materials and gas analysis methods to support the gas
industry in performing gas quality measurements for pure hydrogen gas (ISO 14687 Grade A), biomethane
(EN 16723-1) and hydrogen-enriched natural gas (EN 16726) for domestic use (e.g. boilers and cookers), and
purity analysis of carbon dioxide for carbon capture and storage processes to meet the recommendations of
ISO/TR 27921. Gravimetric uncertainties for amount fraction levels in the primary reference materials will be
appropriate for the relevant documentary standard but always lower than 20 % relative. Additionally, to
organise a proficiency test and comparison to support the gas industry in developing and validating traceable
commercial on-line gas analysis instruments capable of quickly monitoring hydrogen amount fraction in natural
gas to accurately control blending within target tolerances. Read more. 

For more information please contact WP 2 leader: Jannekke van Wijk, email:

Workpackage 3 Physical properties

Physical properties – To develop metrology infrastructure to support measurement of physical properties for
hydrogen-enriched natural gas, including development and traceable validation of analytical instruments that
perform measurements of calorific values, density and Wobbe index as specified in ISO 6976, ISO 12213 and
ISO 20765. Multiphase properties of mixtures composed of high levels of impurities in carbon dioxide will also
be validated. Read more. 

For more information please contact WP 3 leader: Alberto Giuliano Albo, email:

Workpackage 4 Leak detection

Leak detection – Todevelop metrology infrastructure to support new leak detection requirements for
decarbonising the gas grid. This includes traceable monitoring methods for accurately quantifying leaks of
hydrogen or hydrogen-enriched natural gas from pipelines at 25 % of the lower explosive limit (for health and
safety reasons), and carbon dioxide leaks from pipelines or underground storage in CCS processes to meet
the requirements of EU ETS (accuracy of ± 1.5 – 2.5 %). To support the future role of mobile platforms by
ensuring they are capable of accurate measurement of leaks. Read more. 

For more information please contact WP 4 leader: Rob Robinson, email:

Workpackage 5 Impact

Impact – To disseminate and facilitate the take up of the technology and measurement infrastructure
developed in the project by the measurement supply chain (accredited laboratories, instrument
manufacturers), standards developing organisations. Read more. 

For more information please contact WP 5 leader: Lennart de Waart, email: